Meet MDS

Our Story

MDS was established in 1977 to service the unique needs of the nuclear medicine supply chain. Since its founding, MDS has built a reputation for quality, performance, and compliance that is unmatched in the industry, with a 99.9% on-time, incident-free delivery record.

MDS started providing service as a privately owned company 46 years ago with just three employees and a handful of Contract Drivers. Today, MDS is recognized as a leading national carrier specializing in the legal and safe transportation of radiopharmaceuticals for all major Nuclear Medicine manufacturers and shippers, delivering to hospitals and clinics on their behalf.

MDS holds a US DOT special permit 8308 for the transport of Class 7 radiopharmaceuticals, which is a distinction only four companies in the US possess. As one of the oldest carriers in this field, MDS maintains its leadership position in transporting radiopharmaceuticals with an independent contractor driver network that handles more than 525,000 pieces while traveling more than 14 million miles annually.

In March 2020, Strategic Delivery Solutions (SDS-Rx) completed its acquisition of Medical Delivery Services. The acquisition of MDS marked a significant milestone in SDS Rx’s growth strategy. This addition further solidified SDS Rx’s position as a leading provider of medical courier services in the United States, allowing both companies to extend their reach, enhance their capabilities, and better serve their customers nationwide. Our customers have benefited from increased capacity in combining infrastructure, expertise, technical resources, and support teams.

If you require an experienced and dependable partner to manage your radiopharmaceutical logistics network, you can confidently rely on MDS no matter where or when you need us.