How MDS Does it Better

How We Do It Better

Our highly skilled operating team, which includes a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and a Health Physicist RSO on staff, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure accountability, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

We build an adaptable delivery network that is 100% dedicated to your business and seamlessly integrated to your communications specifications.


  • Holds DOT-SP 8308 Permit
  • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) on staff and a retained Health Physicist RSO to manage our Radiation Protection Program.
  • Member of the RSCC (Radiopharmaceutical Shippers & Carriers Conference)
  • All services and Contract Drivers are DOT-compliant. Our Contract Drivers receive annual DOT Hazmat orientation following the 49CFR, which covers General Awareness, Function Specific Security, In-depth Security, and Safety.

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Technology and Reporting
From the very beginning, MDS has maintained a technological edge in the marketplace, providing the industry’s highest levels of assurance and proof of delivery performance. Click here to learn more about our data collection and monitoring capabilities.

The independent contractors who provide service to the MDS customer are highly motivated, carefully qualified, thoroughly vetted and closely monitored to ensure precision, professionalism and punctuality.


All drivers are:

  • Fully insured, badged and uniformed
  • Have completed an extensive orientation including :
    • HIPAA
    • Bloodborne Pathogen
    • Radiation Protection
    • Driving Safety
    • A thorough review of DOT specific vehicle requirements.

All Contract Drivers are subject to:

  • 9 panel drug screening
  • Criminal background checks at the federal, state and county level
  • Frequent on-site audits
  • Annual reviews of MVR, vehicle inspections, and compliance with required DOT physicals