Smart Phones keep our Contract Drivers connected to our staff and the customer to receive important information related to their transport schedule.









♦ Transaction Processing
  • Manual entry internally
  • Customer entry portal
  • ODBC Entry
  • Electronic interfaces (Inbound / Outbound)
    • Email
    • FTP, sFTP, FTPs
    • AS2
    • Web services, http, https
    • Other
  • Label Printing
    • Thermal labels on label printers
    • Regular paper labels with bar codes
    • Piece level bar code labeling

♦ GPS vehicle tracking
  • Internal
  • Customer Portal

♦ Early warning customer service indicators
  • Late Stop Alert
  • Incomplete pieces alert
  • Misrouted pieces alert

♦ Bar code scanning
  • Driver Location Tracking
    • GPS
    • Arrive Location Scans
    • Depart Location Scans
    • Transit Points
    • Drop Boxes
  • Piece Type Validation
    • Item level scanning and tracking
    • Pickup Pieces
    • Delivery Pieces
    • Complete vs Incomplete
    • Valid Pieces
  • System Events
    • New Order
    • Dispatched
    • Picked Up
    • Delivered, etc..
  • User definable events
    • OS&D
    • Exceptions
    • CSR

♦ Signature Capture
♦ Photo POD
ASN CAPACITIES - Some examples
♦ EDI formats (204, 856, 214, 997, 990 etc..)
♦ Custom formats
♦ EDI X12 210
♦ EDI X12 110
ELECTRONIC ALERTS: At its most basic, the system can automatically send alerts to a fax, email address, or cell phone
♦ Can send electronic alerts (email, SMS, file, web post)
♦ Alerts can be event driven (Delivery Refused, Pickup Completed, etc.)
♦ Alerts can be timer driven (the ETA on the stop has changed by more than N minutes)
MOBILE DEVICES: The system can be set to send job information to an app on a mobile device, and receive status updates directly from the unit. These devices can be Android, Apple/iOS, Windows Phone, or Windows Mobile units. With these devices, bar codes can be scanned, signatures captured, and GPS coordinates captured and plotted. The app running on the device allows for geofencing, providing a fully verifiable audit trail of exactly what occurs.
♦ Stops sequenced for driver on device
♦ Interaction with Waze and other apps for navigation around traffic
♦ Geo-fencing to ensure driver compliance
♦ Bar code scanning of items, location codes, and drop boxes
♦ Tracking by piece type (such as frozen, ambient, refrigerated)
♦ POD, Signature capture
♦ an also take photo.

♦ Fee and Cost tracking
♦ Canned and ad hoc reporting
♦ Reports can be scheduled and sent automatically at set times
♦ Data extraction to excel and other file formats
♦ EDI and other electronic billing.

Standard & Custom Reporting Capabilities
   One of the nicest things about the (you user name) and the tracking software is our ability to customize reports to the customer’s requirements. If data is typed, scanned, tracked, or entered in any way into the system, we can customize a report to measure and track the information.  What follows is a list of typical reports that can be run on a regular basis.  Some of the basic reports can even be run whenever you like via our website.  Other more detailed and creative reports can be scheduled for email to you and /or ran for you by our operations management team.  They can be sent to you on a regular basis, or as needed when requested.  But remember, just because a report that you would like isn’t listed here it doesn’t mean we can’t create one to your specifications.  We can crunch your delivery data however you like.   The types of reports are only limited by your imagination!
Standard On-Line Reports
♦ Route On-Time performance report
♦ Stat On-Time performance report
♦ Historic invoice copies
♦ Proof of delivery reports stat & route – shows who signed, the actual signature, and when
♦ Route cost report
♦ Stat cost report
♦ Stat report sorted by facility delivered
♦ Stat report sorted by reason code
Standard Off-Line Reports All of the above and the following:
♦ Historic GPS report – was the driver really there?
♦ Stat volume – by time of day
♦ Stat volume – by day of week
♦ Stat average pickup time
♦ Stat pickup vs. ready time
♦ Stat report by caller
♦ Pump last scanned report (tells you where your pumps are)
♦ And many more – just ask!

Among the many enterprise features of the tracking software is the ability to track shipments at the piece level if desired. The piece tracking is most effectively accomplished if the pieces to be tracked are tagged with bar code labels that can be scanned by bar code readers at any or all of the following locations:
♦ Point of pickup
♦ Receipt at hub or cross docking facility
♦ Departure from hub or cross docking facility
♦ Point of delivery
Bar code labeling is not essential, however. The piece tracking functionality allows you to track the movement of individual pieces, allows your customers to track piece movements at your web site, allows you to report on the pickup, delivery.

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